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  • Fri

    Cursus Festival


    Canada Farm, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. SP5 5RX

    Tickets: Various prices - see the Cursus Festival Shoppe for details

    You just can't keep a good party down... check out the line up for this year's Cursus festival!

    3 days of original music, cider and camping in the beautiful surroundings of the Cranborne Chase, Dorset, between Blandford and Salisbury.

    Now in it's fourth year, Cursus Festival has a reputation for a friendly, intimate vibe with lots of fun and zero hassle. Come once and you'll be back!

    Fully stocked bar, locally sourced food, communal camp fire and a range of national and local acts live on stage.

    Tents and live-in vehicles welcome in the huge green camping areas.

    Dogs and children welcome but no glass or fires as this is a working farm.

    Full details at www.cursusfestival.com

  • Sat

    Chalk and Cheese Cider Festival


    The Chalk and Cheese, Maiden Newton, Dorset. DT2 0BD

    Tickets £5 adv, £8 on the door. Free entry 12-8pm, tickets after 8pm.

    Back for a second year, the Chalk and Cheese cider festival is proper job! It's in a skittle alley, there will be bales of hay and there will be more quality cider than you can shake a badger at.  The pub describe the day as '...casual drinking of the large selection of ciders in the afternoon at the straw bar to full on party from 9pm with popular band The Skimmity Hitchers'.  Hmmm- When we played here last year we don't remember too much in the way of casual drinking, it was more of a 'bloody minded race to oblivion' type drinking - but that might just have been us....

    Regardless of your preferred drinking style, the staff at the pubwill go to the ends of the earth to make sure everyone had a great time (especially us...) so you're guaranteed a great night. 

  • Fri

    Rye Hill Farm, Bere Regis, Dorset (Wurzels Support)


    Rye Hill Farm, Bere Regis, Dorset BH20 7LP

    Tickets £20 adv. available from the Rye Hill farm shop

    We're well chuffed to be invited back for the fifth year running to the legendary annual Wurzels hoedown at Rye Hill farm.  There will be lashings of cider, there will be non-stop scrumpy'n'western music and a bloody gurt big hog roast.

    This event always sells out, so if you want to get yer scrump on, make sure you grab a ticket now!

  • Fri

    The Ropemakers, Bridport, Dorset


    The Ropemakers, 30 West Street, Bridport Dorset,

    Free, innum.

    They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of legendary Bridport music pub The Ropemakers they are correct!

    It'll be almost a year since a whole load of wrong'uns and ne'er-do-wells congregated here to wish us 'bon voyage' the night before our successful trip to Britanny. 

    But we're back! Slightly older, tireder and less wise, with a bag of new songs and a thirst for booze.

    You know the Ropeys drill - turn up, get drunk, have an amazing time!!!

    FREE ENTRY all night.

  • Fri

    Weston-Super-Mare Grand Pier (Wurzels support)

    Doors 8:00pm

    The Great Hall, The Grand Pier, Weston-Super-Mare. Somerset

    Standard Tickets - EARLY BIRD RATE £10.00 (until 1st January 2018). Thereafter £12.50 in advance or £15.00 on the door. 
    VIP Tickets - EARLY BIRD RATE £20.00 (until 1st January 2018). Thereafter £22.50 in advance or £25.00 on the door.

    All tickets available from The Grand Pier website.

    Is there anything more West Country than a Wurzels gig on Weston Pier with a ton of cider on the bar?

    No, we can't think of anything either....

    So, here it is - the single most west country thing you can do this year, unless you're actually shacked up with Sedge Moore from the Wurzels. Get yer tickets before 1st January 2018 and score the early bird bargain price of £10 per ticket for a standard or £20 for a VIP version.  We're not really sure what you get for your VIP ticket, but we suspect it may involve Sedge, a riding crop  and  6 pints of Devon clotted cream.  Lucky you!

  • Sat

    Chickerell Steam & Vintage Show


    Moor Farm, Knights in the Bottom, Chickerell, DT3 4EA

    Adults £7.00, Children £3.00

    Officially the biggest show in Chickerell since 2011!   We love these guys, you couldn't find a friendlier bunch of steamy enthusiasts if you walked through the town blowing a whistle while a dwarf shoved coal up your rear end.

    Expect steaming coal-fired things, vintage things, live music and lashings and lashings of cider and ale.

    We'll be on the gurt big stage from 7:30, but check out the event webpage for full details of what's happening throughout the day

  • Sun

    Haywood Cider Farm Sunday Social


    Haywood Farm Cider, St Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BU

    £5 entry, kids get in free!

    This, my cider drinking friends, is something very, very special.  If the cider gods put on gigs, they would put on gigs in wonderful old cider barns, rammed to the dusty rafters with the finest cider ever squeezed out of an apple, surrounded by amazing, friendly people all getting totally rat arsed on a Sunday afternoon.  And that is exactly what's going to happen at Haywoods Cider in St Mabyn on July 1st!  See? The Gods do exist!!

    We played here last September and had such an amazing time that we left a bunch of our gear behind so we would have to come back and get it.

    If you're in Cornwall on July 1st, or even if you're not - get your arse down here for the Sunday Social at 3pm and treat yourselves to the best Sunday afternoon of your lives

    You can find out more about the excellent Haywood Cider Farm Sunday Socials here.

  • Fri

    Glas-Denbury music and arts festival

    Fairfield Farm, Denbury, Torbay. TQ12 6DQ

    Tickets from £25 from Glas-Denbury web shoppe

    Now, we get about a bit in the Skimmity Hitchers, but it's not often that you get on the same festival bill as a true 60's legend, never mind a 60's legend who was a massive influence on you when you were a tiny wee young'un!  We are properly chuffed to be invited to play the the lovely Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival, and seeing that line-up, who could blame us?  Look! it's BASIL BRUSH!! That's BASIL.  FRIGGIN'.  BRUSH!! 


    It just doesn't get any better than this people, it really doesn't..... We be hittin' the Garden Stage on the Friday evening, hoping that Basil Brush will be out, snuffling through discarded KFC boxes and up for a bit of a boogie with Baz the Badger.

    Full details of the festival and some other artists who aren't 60's and 70's legend Basil Brush are on the festival webby site.

  • Sat



    CokerFest, Longlands, East Coker, Somerset. BA22 9HN

    Tickets from £20 adv from HERE.

    No, it's not an evening out with a bunch of chemically confident city boys, it's a cheeky little one-dayer in a field in East Coker!  We once played a gig in a pub in West Coker when one of the locals put Tatty Smart in a headlock for an entire song, but that's not important right now.

    What is important is that you get yourself a ticket to this right now, while they're still 20 quid and save yourself the price of a pint of scrump and a lemonade for your designated driver.

    We'll be on the main stage sometime in the afternoon, why not have a gander at the full line up and see if there's anything else that you fancy?


  • Sun

    NHS is 70 birthday bash


    Weymouth Avenue Recreation Ground, 17, Weymouth Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 1QY


    The National Health Service is 70! Would you believe it? To celebrate the NHS and all the wonderful things it does for us, the lovely people of the 'Keep Kingfisher and Maternity at DCH a 24/7 Consultant -led Unit Team DCH' action group are throwing a 'family fun day' and we're very happy to be part of the party.

    You can find out more about  the 'Keep Kingfisher and Maternity at DCH a 24/7 Consultant -led Unit Team DCH' action group here. and more about the family fun day here.

    We love the NHS and what it stands for, so come along and help us celebrate 70 years of one of the finest institutions in the land (and maybe stick two fingers up at the Tories who are trying to screw it over...)

  • Fri

    OutCider Festival!!

    The fun starts at 2pm on Friday

    Fernhill Farm, Cheddar Road, Compton Martin, Somerset. BS40 6LD

    Tickets: Various prices. For details go to the OutCider cyber shoppe.

    F**k me, why do we keep doing this to ourselves?

    Oh yeah - cos it's a load of fun being part of the best little festival on the planet!

    Outcider Festival returns for its 5th year, promising 3 days and nights of original live music and cider-fuelled fun.

    Line-up to be announced at a later date but tickets are already selling quickly due to previous years' successes.

    2 covered bar stages with alternating acts
    Communal camp fire with late night music
    Fully stocked festival bar with a range of ciders as well as ale, lager, wine and spirits
    Lush camping field - tents and live-in vehicles welcome
    Food concessions, face painting and a few other surprises!
    Plus the best festival punters on the planet

    We're sorry but this festival does not allow under 18s, dogs, tossers, open fires, Magners 'cider' or glass.

    Full details can be found at www.outciderfestival.com

    Come and join the one big happy family.  Admittedly, It's like the family from 'Shamless' but we're definitely happy!

  • Fri

    Boomtown Fair

    Matterly Estate, Winchester, Hampshire. SO21 1HW

    Tickets: Various prices from Boomtown Fair ticket Website

    Ah, Boomtown. Good old, bad old Boomtown. Ten years on and you've matured from a slightly frazzled looking ket-head into a an older and slightly slower frazzled ket-head with a smidge more self-control.  Truly one of the most exciting and immersive festivals on the good planet earth, Boomtown is never the same twice and this year is no different,  with four new districts to explore and get off your head in.

    This year we wave bye-bye to the Rusty Spurs (sad face) and head over to the Oldtown Square stage. Here's what the Boomtown Ministry of Propaganda have to say about our new home:

    A maze of meandering streets harbouring a myriad of mysteries...Envelope yourself in a global knees up of folk punk and Balkan roots, street theatre, circus and a whole new dimension of immersive experiences from the Invisible Circus!

    Nice one. As long as there's some cider nearby, we'll be right!
    Full Boomtown fair details HERE
  • Sat

    Purbeck Rally

    Worgret Road, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 6AB

    £5 entry Friday, £6 Saturday & Sunday


    We do love a bit of steam action in the Skimmity Hitchers, and this is the best little steam event in God's own county! In addition to all things steamy, there'll be vintage vehicles, farm machinery, food stalls, cider stalls, actual falcons and something called 'ferret world', which has got Tatty 'Ratboy' Smart all excited and twitchy.

    We'll be playing in a tent om the Saturday, very near some cider I expect. See the event website or Facepuke page for further details.

  • Sat

    Last of the Summer Cider

    3pm to late

    Myncen Farm, 83, Minchington, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11, 8DH

    Tickets: Various prices from £20, from the Fuelled By Cider Cyber Cider Shoppe

    They say that the customer is always right.... can't say that we agree otherwise why is Magners cider so bleddy popular?  But, when the punters at last year's Last of the Summer Cider demanded that Bagder and Bill of Cranborne Chase Cider fame, stop being a pair of lazy buggers and stop all this 'every other year' bollocks, they the realised that in this particular case, the customer was indeed correct and so, hot on the heels of LOTSC 2017 comes LOTSC 2018!

    In addition to the plentiful,  excellent and award winning Cranbourne Chase cider, and locally sourced food, this years festival adds on the Friday night featuring the freakishly talented and bezzie drinking buddies Black Water County ,plus SN Dubstation, just in case you need a bit of a run-up to the weekend.

    We'll be slamming down the ciders on Saturday night with our long-time festival buddies Quinns Quinney Skiffle, The Jimmy Hillbillies and The Boot Hill All Stars, plus more bands TBC.

    The usual rules apply for a party in a field in Dorset: No dogs, no glass, bring plenty of hard cash* and take all your rubbish home with you.  This is the last festy of the season, so let's make sure we all have a proper knees up!


    *and we mean LOADS of cash - the bar is cash only and the nearest cashpoint is 10 miles away!

  • Wed

    Wurzels Support (Komedia, Bath)


    Komedia, 22-23 Westgate Street, Bath, BA1 1EP

    Tickets: £16:50 from Eventbrite

    We know, we know.... it's way too early to be talking about where you're gonna go for the office Christmas party. But you know how it'll go - you'll just keep on putting it off until suddenly it's December 1st and you can't even get a table near the bogs in the local Wetherspoons.  Look, do yourself a favour, plan ahead and get a bunch of tickets for us and the Wurzies at Komedia in Bath. It's  a great little venue and cos you're in Bath, it'll be like a proper fancy night out where you won't have to step over the daytime drinkers, smoking on the steps outside 'Spoons.