Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Sat

    Cider Festival at The Old Bank, Keynsham


    The Old Bank, 20 High street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1DQ

    If you were at the Old Bank cider festival last year, you'll know that it was an apple-fuelled rip-roaring success, so we've decided to do it again.  The exact details have yet be worked out over a couple of pints of  Lilley's Gladiator, but the festy will kick off about lunchtime, we'll get set up and start playing at 4, by which time the inexperienced cider drinker will have caned two pints of 8% scrump and started having visions and speaking in tongues. Meanwhile the rest of us will sing a few songs, have a few laughs and get off with our cousins. Good times!