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  • Sat

    Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival


    The Unite the Union tent, Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Tolpuddle, Dorset DT7 4EH

    Right then. After five years on the trot of poncing about in front of the Unite tent at Tolpuddle Festival, we took a break in 2018.  As usual, Rat Black and Tatty went to the festival as punters but so many people stopped and asked them why we weren't playing that we thought we better get back up there for 2019.  You know how the works - we set up outside the actual festival gate, just in front of the Unite the Union tent at 2pm and everyone piles out onto the hill where we glug down some cider in the sunshine and take the piss out of the Tories. Given the total shambles that has been going on in that Lon-Don over the last six months, we should have plenty of material....