Wass 'appenin'?

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    Rich's Cider Farm, Watchfield, Highbridge, Somerset. TA9 4RD

    Tickets £7.50 from Rich's cyber cider shop

    It's January, it's cold & dark, which means it's wassailing time!   We're back at Rich's Cider farm for the 4th year in a row and we can't wait!  Blow away the post festive season blues by standing in a field, drinking cider and shooting trees with shotguns while fair maidens hang toast from branches and wizened old farmers pour cider on the roots*.  Once the spirits have been appeased/frightened away, it's back to the lovely warm barn for more cider and a proper Skimmity knees-up aided by the unique sounds of the Bob Darch mobile discotheque.  

    Or, if that doesn't sound like the best fun you can have on a dark January night, you can stay at home and watch 'Britain's got celebrity naked bakers dancing in the jungle' or whatever shite passes for TV these days.

    Full details of the evening can be found here.

    Tickets can be bought here.

    * If you've not been wassailing before, we're not making this up - this is what actually happens.