Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Fri

    Glas-Denbury music and arts festival

    Fairfield Farm, Denbury, Torbay. TQ12 6DQ

    Tickets from £25 from Glas-Denbury web shoppe

    Now, we get about a bit in the Skimmity Hitchers, but it's not often that you get on the same festival bill as a true 60's legend, never mind a 60's legend who was a massive influence on you when you were a tiny wee young'un!  We are properly chuffed to be invited to play the the lovely Glas-Denbury Music & Arts Festival, and seeing that line-up, who could blame us?  Look! it's BASIL BRUSH!! That's BASIL.  FRIGGIN'.  BRUSH!! 


    It just doesn't get any better than this people, it really doesn't..... We be hittin' the Garden Stage on the Friday evening, hoping that Basil Brush will be out, snuffling through discarded KFC boxes and up for a bit of a boogie with Baz the Badger.

    Full details of the festival and some other artists who aren't 60's and 70's legend Basil Brush are on the festival webby site.