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    Boomtown Fair

    Matterly Estate, Winchester, Hampshire. SO21 1HW

    Tickets: Various prices from Boomtown Fair ticket Website

    Ah, Boomtown. Good old, bad old Boomtown. Ten years on and you've matured from a slightly frazzled looking ket-head into a an older and slightly slower frazzled ket-head with a smidge more self-control.  Truly one of the most exciting and immersive festivals on the good planet earth, Boomtown is never the same twice and this year is no different,  with four new districts to explore and get off your head in.

    This year we wave bye-bye to the Rusty Spurs (sad face) and head over to the Oldtown Square stage. Here's what the Boomtown Ministry of Propaganda have to say about our new home:

    A maze of meandering streets harbouring a myriad of mysteries...Envelope yourself in a global knees up of folk punk and Balkan roots, street theatre, circus and a whole new dimension of immersive experiences from the Invisible Circus!

    Nice one. As long as there's some cider nearby, we'll be right!
    Full Boomtown fair details HERE