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    Haywood Cider Farm Sunday Social


    Haywood Farm Cider, St Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BU

    £5 entry, kids get in free!

    This, my cider drinking friends, is something very, very special.  If the cider gods put on gigs, they would put on gigs in wonderful old cider barns, rammed to the dusty rafters with the finest cider ever squeezed out of an apple, surrounded by amazing, friendly people all getting totally rat arsed on a Sunday afternoon.  And that is exactly what's going to happen at Haywoods Cider in St Mabyn on July 1st!  See? The Gods do exist!!

    We played here last September and had such an amazing time that we left a bunch of our gear behind so we would have to come back and get it.

    If you're in Cornwall on July 1st, or even if you're not - get your arse down here for the Sunday Social at 3pm and treat yourselves to the best Sunday afternoon of your lives

    You can find out more about the excellent Haywood Cider Farm Sunday Socials here.