Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Sat



    CokerFest, Longlands, East Coker, Somerset. BA22 9HN

    Tickets from £20 adv from HERE.

    No, it's not an evening out with a bunch of chemically confident city boys, it's a cheeky little one-dayer in a field in East Coker!  We once played a gig in a pub in West Coker when one of the locals put Tatty Smart in a headlock for an entire song, but that's not important right now.

    What is important is that you get yourself a ticket to this right now, while they're still 20 quid and save yourself the price of a pint of scrump and a lemonade for your designated driver.

    We'll be on the main stage sometime in the afternoon, why not have a gander at the full line up and see if there's anything else that you fancy?