Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Sat

    Mapperton House & Gardens


    The Coach House, Maooertin House & Gardens, Mapperton, Beaminster, Dorset. DT8 3NR

    Tickets: £12 or £22 including a pre-show ploughman's lunch. Contact  Laura: sawmill@mapperton.com or 01308 863348

    Well, this is a bit flash, innum? Flouncing round the big house and dancing on the lawns like you owns the place... Normally the home of classical music or a nice bit of Shakespeare, Mapperton House &Gardens (for reasons known only to themselves) have let us in the back door and allowed us to actually plug in and play some scrumpy'n'western music.

    The show kicks off at 2 in the Coach House, but for an extra £10 you can enjoy a proper job ploughman's lunch before hand to help soak up the scrump. Just make sure you're long gone belore the ploughman works out you've nicked his grub!