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    The Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Loads, innum

    Tarrant Hinton, Dorset DT11 8HX

    Tickets: Various prices from here.

    The Great Dorset steam fair? Two things must ye know about the Great Dorset steam fair! First, it is in Dorset and second, it is Great!

    Here we go again! Stoke up yer boiler, pull the whistle and get ready for another long weekend of all things old and steamy (and we're not just talking about Rat Black here...) except that as it's the 50th anniversary, it's going to be even bigger!! That means more of everything - more steam calliopes, more unrecognisable rusty things in the auto jumble, more cider and a world-record breaking 500 steam engines.

    We'll be hanging out at all the usual music venues over the weekend (or up by the shepherd huts when we has a break..) alongside our top mates, Black Water County. We don't all expect to survive the weekend....

    Our show times for the weekend are:

    Thursday 22nd August: Michael Oliver Stage, 4:15 and 9:15pm

    Friday 23rd August: 'Old Rosie' Outdoor stage, 7:30pm

    Saturday 24th August: The Black Bull, 7pm & 9:30pm

    Sunday 25th August; Real Ale Stage, 9:45pm

    Full information on the GDSF music festival is available on the GDSF website.