Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Sun

    Bridport Torchlight Procession


    West Bay. On the beach. Next to the bloody massive fire

    Look! Here they come.....a train of locals in single file, holding aloft flaming torches, slowly making their way to the edge of the sea and the great pyre of sticks perched on the cliff edge. One by one, they touch their torches to the pyre until a great, purifying conflagration lights up the evening sky and appeases the gods of the apple trees.

    No, it's not the 'Wicker Man', it's the Bridport Carnival torchlight procession to West Bay, ending up in a gurt massive party around a ginormous bonfire. Fireworks, cider and good times all included. 

    We'll be onstage about 9pm, with a short break at some point so that our faces don't melt in the heat from the fire - like that Nazi bloke in 'Raiders of the lost Ark'