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  • Sat

    Ross Cider Festival

    Ross-on -Wye Cider & Perry Co. Peterstow, Ross-On -Wye.  HR9 6QG

    Tickets from £21 plus camping, available from the Ross-on-Wye cider shop.

    For generations, cider drinkers have argued over whether Hereford or Somerset is best - on this weekend, the answer is most definitely Hereford.  If you like cider but haven't visited the Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry company before, then you have made some very poor life decisions as they produce a mind boggingly massive range of single variety ciders and the best perry on the planet. No word of a lie.

    Their annual Cider & Perry festival invites you to three days of music, local food and cider and perry drinking in the surrounds of one of the most beautiful orchards you'll ever see (you can camp in the orchards - how amazing is that?).

    The Skimmity boys will be on stage sometime on Saturday evening, but you can guarantee that we'll be lurking among the barrels way before then...

    This truly is a beautiful event that celebrates the very best cider & perry that Hereford has to offer - you'll kick yourself if you miss it....