Wass 'appenin'?

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  • Fri

    Sub89, Reading (Wurzels support)

    Doors 7.00pm / Curfew 10.00pm

    Sub89, 110-117, Frair Street, Reading, RG1 1EP

    Tickets, £14 advance from See tickets

    14+ show.

    It's becoming a bit of a habit, this Sub89/Wurzels gig, but it's all proper gurt lush as we get to pop round the Nags Head and have a nice pint with our mates from Smokey Bastard and Fish Hook AND a load of our Lon-Don mates can pop over and see us AND we do a gig with the mighty Wurzels.  The only thing that can make it a prefect night is those lovely people at Sub89 getting some proper west country scrumpy cider in for the the evening... just sayin'...