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    Favourite's Field Frolics

    Favourite's Field Frolics, Buckland St Mary, Somerset

    Tickets: Various prices from favouritesfieldfrolics.co.uk

    What could be more west country bumpkin than a three day music festival in a village hall in Somerset? OK, OK, causing a three mile tailback with your tractor and muckspreader while touching up your sister-cousin who's holding a pig is actually about as west country bumpkin as you can get, but Favourite's Field Frolics in Buckland St Mary village hall is pretty close.

    For not very much money you get 2 days of music, food booze and camping, all safe in the knowledge that is can piss it down as much as it likes and you still watch a band and stay dry. Bloody Marvelous.

    We'll be getting stuck in on the Friday night, so go look at the festy website for full details of ticket prices and music line up.