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  • Sat

    The Boldre Club


    The Boldre Club, Pilley St, Lymington SO41 5QP

    Free entry

    It were a year ago, almost to the day that we pulled up at the Boldre Club..... It was our first time at this notorious working men's club hidden in a mysterious corner of the New Forest and we still had the ominous warnings of other bands who had played there ringing in our ears.

    'It's mental there' they said, 'Even you lot can't take on the Boldre Club' they said, 'Stick to the road lads, don't go on the moor' they said.

    We went in anyway.... and it was all these things and more!  T'were truly a king of cider swilling, barefoot stomping, cousin-touching nights.  They've asked us back again this year and even offered to put us up for the night in The Wicker Man, which is probably the local gastropub, innum.

    What could possibly go wrong?