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  • Fri

    Cursus Cider and Music festival

    Canada Farm, Salisbury. Sp5 5RX

    Tickets: Various prices, see the Cursus Cider and Music Festival website for details

    It's back! It's year 5 and it's even better than last year, which was pretty bloody amazing, so there's really no excuse for not buying a ticket, right now, for the best kick-off to the festival season that you're ever likely to meet.

    Look at that line up! Look at it!!  The Eskies! Ferocious Dog! The bloody Dreadnoughts!! And to even get to any of those three you'll have to work your way though a whole day of the best bands that those lovely people at Fueled By Cider can drag, kicking and screaming, to a field in Dorset.  Chuck in a bar full of top notch local ciders, food fresh from the farm and the company of the nicest cider-heads on earth and you know you're in for the weekend of your life

    For full details of the line-up, tickets, camping and more, head on over to the Cursus Festival website