Formed from the ashes of Who’s Afear’d this band of brothers, blaggers and badgers loaded up the Skimmity wagon in the spring of 2010 and took to the road. They now roam the B-roads and back alleys of the West Country, playing old-fashioned Scrumpy & Western music with a modern edge. In pubs, festivals, parties and cider sheds you will find them singing their songs, with a smile on their face and a wink in their eye…

Everyone is welcome to join the Skimmity Hitchers party, to dance and laugh and sing along. But be prepared for much sauciness, banter and barracking too, for tis all part of the show… Some call it folk. Some call it punk. Others call it cabaret. Some simply call them a bunch of cidered-up chancers. They are all of this and more, come and see for yourselves to be sure…

Baz the Badger (Dancing, Snuffling, Crowd participation):
Once upon a time, in a magical land called Manchester, there was a band called The Happy Mondays. One of the Happy Mondays was a wide-eyed, dancing ragamuffin called Bez, who entertained hundreds of thousands of baggy trousered, shaggy haired stoners. Eventually, the relentless touring, substance misuse and a TB infection saw him retire to Studland. Bez happily spent his days throwing dorset knobs at the waxed & shaven men strutting along Studland nudist beach until one day the Skimmity Hitchers came to town. With his love for music revilatised and the ecstasy replaced with Cheddar Valley cider, Bez changed his name to Baz and came on the road with the Skimmity Hitchers. Baz loves to party, Baz loves to dance. Baz wants you to party, Baz wants you to dance.

Drum Cheddar (Drums, cheese boards, eye candy, occasional jokes)
Self-styled psychedelic Rasta guru and love healer, Cheddar’s exact origins are unknown. Clad in his trademark lizard suit and flying hat, Cheddar’s drum style fuses elements of in time and out of time percussion and has become known as Scrumpton Jazz. Also available for children’s parties.

Magners OíMagnersson (Double bass, vocals, kazoo, problem drinkin’)
Ex-professional stoat wrestler from the far west of the West Country, O’Magnersson joined the Hitchers with two main missions. Firstly, to bring some stompin’ double bass heat to the Skimmity party. Secondly, to preach the gospel of the Holy Apple, and rid the world of the cursed fizzy alcopop from whence he got his name.

Rat Black (Guitar, vocals, cynicism)
Once upon a time, a mysterious man in black walked out of the rising sun with a guitar on his back and his heart full of folk songs.  Rat Black jumped the bugger in an alleyway and nicked his guitar and shirt.  Years were spent wandering far-off exotic eastern counties, preaching his gnarly punk/rockabilly/ska philosophy to the masses before finally making his way to the promised land of the west country and the brethren of the Skimmity Hitchers.

Tatty Smart (Vocals, kazoo, taking the p**s)
Tatty was born with his immaculately quoiffed quiff in place, and soon after began his career as Adge Cutler’s half-cut butler, roaming the inns and cider sheds, collecting pints of scrumpy in much the same way as Imelda Marcos collected shoes. A once Dorset sectarian turned West Country libertarian, Tatty embraces all four corners of the south west, including Devon and the bit north of Sherborne. He is particularly fond of Far Corfe as a tourist destination.